The Rin Rally Play 2 Earn game starts by player investing to buy or mint a rally car NFT  which is needed to play the game.

Minting fees to be announced!!!

Purchases can be made using only Rin Finance Coin , RIFICO, as the native currency.

RIFICO can be purchased or swapped from pancakeswap using BNB.

Rin NFT cars can be traded and sold on the in-game marketplace and can also be  sent to other wallets in the game.

Rin NFT car  owners farm their NFTs by playing the game daily.

The rewards from the game is based on NFT level and rarity and as well as players luck.



RIN 69 Smok, 1.6L, V6, 750HP, Driver is Kimono Ajada 27y

RIN 96 Lea, 1.6L, V6, 700HP , Driver is Rita Damako, 23y


RIN Hurricane, 1.6L, V6, 850HP, Driver is Kwesi Angelino, 29y

RIN Tornado, 1.6L, V6, 810HP, Driver is Mikael Hao, 24y


RIN Andromeda, 1.6L, V6, 950HP, Driver is Anna Kzia, 28y

RIN Dorado, 1.6L, V6, 920HP , Driver is Dr. Zafal, 35y



Lagos, Nigeria.

26 °C (78.8 °F)- 29 °C (85.5 °F), 36 Laps 300km

Islamabad, Pakistan

31°C (88°F) -9.5°C (49°F) ,31 Laps 280km

New York, USA

24.5°C (76°F) - 1.5°C (35°F) ,38 Laps 350km

Helsinki, Finland

16.5°C (62°F) -5.5°C (22°F). 38 Laps 310km

Los Angeles, USA

22°C · (72°F) - 13°C · (55°F) ,49 Laps 350km

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

27°C (81°F) - 21°C (70°F) ,35 Laps 300km

London, England

19.0 °C (66 °F) - 5 °C (42 °F)37 Laps 285km

Accra, Ghana

25°C (78.2 °F)- 29 °C (84.7 °F),30 Laps 295km

Seoul, South Korea

24°C (75°F) - 4°C (25°F),30 Laps 200km

Rin Finance Coin (RIFICO)

Earn while playing games and staking tokens. Rin Finance Coin is the native currency of the Rin games arcade. 

Built on the  Binance Smart Chain, the coin gives holders access to games in the Rin arcade, allowing holders to play several games when the arcade is ready and earn more tokens or other in-game rewards which can be traded in the inbuilt NFT marketplace.

The Rin Finance Coin contract has a  maximum supply of 100 Quadrillion with 30% burnt  and no mint function. Check tokenomics for more in-depth analysis.

Token contract : 0x4da8265bE61b9DA59c8e207BFcBC075F1D611F36

BSC Scan link 

Current Taxes (Subject to changes)

Marketing tax: 7%

Buyback tax: To be activated at higher marketcap

Marketing wallet
Teams wallet

Chart & Data

RiFi Play-2-Earn

Play to earn games arcade

Decentralized Wallets
Connect wallet to game arcade via your dex wallet such as metamask
Play The Game
Play the game to earn rewards
Earn Rin finance coins and other rewards to boost your game play. some rewards can be traded in the NFT marketplace
Pancakeswap Dex RIFICO/ BNB Tokpie Exchange Cex RIFICO/USDT

Road map

The Project Plan

Jan 2022


  • Idea discussion
  • Team Assemble
Jan 2022

Website Launch

  • Website is live
Jan 2022


  • Game idea generation
  • Token creation
Mar 2022

Game Idea Generation

  • Concept Generation
  • First game development started
Jun 2022

First Game Beta test

  • Game Testing by members of the community
Jul 2022

Game Launch

  • Launching of Rin Sniper game
Jul 2022

NFT & 2nd Game Development

  • In-game NFT marketplace and Game 2 development starts

Whitepaper and Audit

Read Our Documents


Rin Finance Team

Andy, Finland

Andy, Finland

Project Manager & Dev

Jason, United States

Jason, United States

Marketing & Promotion

Umair, Pakistan

Umair, Pakistan


Note! Other team members prefer to stay anonymous


Frenquently Questions

RIFICO or Rin Finance coin is the native coin of Rin play to earn games arcade.

Holders of the token can play and enjoy a game while earning more tokens from it.

More information will be available later in the development

Token can be currently purchased from pancakeswap exchange with smart BNB.

More exchanges will be announced as project develops further

BSC Scan


Yes LP is locked until 2024

NO, Rin Finance Coin did not organize any presale.