Rin Finance Coin (RIFICO)

Earn while playing games and staking tokens. Rin Finance Coin is the native currency of the Rin games arcade. 

Built on the  Binance Smart Chain, the coin gives holders access to games in the Rin arcade, allowing holders to play several games when the arcade is ready and earn more tokens or other in-game rewards which can be traded in the inbuilt NFT marketplace.

The Rin Finance Coin contract has a  maximum supply of 100 Quadrillion with 30% burnt  and no mint function. Check tokenomics for more in-depth analysis.

The RIN adventure

The Rin Adventure Play 2 Earn game starts by player investing to buy The minimum required tokens of 50 Trillon Rifico.
This minimum required tokens must remain in account always to be eligible to play the game and earn tokens. 

Player can request earned tokens to wallet at any time. 
RIFICO can be purchased or swapped from DEX pancakeswap using BNB, Radioshack swap RIFICO/BUILD pair Or from Tokpie cetralized exchange using USDT
NTF market is under development! This when ready will also allow players to sell loot earned in the game for tokens.

Play to Earn Game Link


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game rules & reward structure

*Minimum required tokens in wallet : 50,000,000,000,000 (50 Trillion) RIFICO Tokens

*Wallets supported currently : METAMASK

*Play and wait for timer to reset(24 hours counter) before playing again.

*Daily bonus rewards. Claim prompt before game starts.

*Accumulate score and claim when user wants. (we advice to claim at max  300,000  on the score, estimated output is 300 billion tokens)

*Earnings from the game will be multiplied by 1,000,000 (All reviews will be announced beforehand ) and it shows in the game score.

*Example if a player makes a withdrawal request of 10,000,000,000 tokens.

10,000,000,000 minus 5% ( 3% redistribution and 2% marketing tax)

Player receives= 9  500 000 000 RIFICO Tokens to wallet

Purple Diamond

Blue Diamond

Gold Bar

Red stone

Rin Finance Coin (RIFICO)

Token contract : 0x4da8265bE61b9DA59c8e207BFcBC075F1D611F36
BSC Scan link 

Current Taxes (Subject to changes)

Marketing tax: 2%
*Buyback tax: To be activated at higher marketcap


Rin Finance Team

Andy, Finland

Andy, Finland

Project Manager & Dev

Jason, United States

Jason, United States

Marketing & Promotion

Umair, Pakistan

Umair, Pakistan


Note! Other team members wish to stay anonymous.